Dave Johns

Winner of Top Jury Prize at Turin Film Festival


David Lambert's Les Tortues, the film that tells the story of the marital crisis of two homosexual pensioners, wins Top Jury Prize.

The oldest LGBTQI+ festival in Europe and the third largest in the world, directed by Vladimir Luxuria, has proclaimed David Lambert's Les Tortues (The Turtles) as the winner. The jury, chaired by Roberta Torre, awarded the Ottavio Mai Award for best film in competition to the Belgian/Canadian production starring two homosexual pensioners who, after 35 years of relationship, go to war with each other until they divorce.

"Supported by tight writing and a relentless pace, a film that leads us into a relationship and its poignant farewells. A work that gives voice to a generation that is hardly represented in the cinematic imagination and that still preserves the precious memory of LGBTQI+ history, but at the same time broadens the view to a feeling of universal love: marriage and divorce as rights that belong to everyone. The story of sexuality and the changes of the body as we age lead us to the discovery of new dimensions of life". These are the reasons read by the president of the jury that led Lambert's film to win the 39th edition of the Turin film festival.

International Trailer for Les Tortues

Fun fact!!

Dave has performed stand up in Mumbai, India many times.