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"I, Fillum Star" Press Quotes from Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Some press quotes about Dave's new show "I, Fillum Star" :- "Warm, heart felt and at times very funny" - "I" Magazine : "a delight to watch in this intimate setting, like someone telling you a joke over the kitchen table" (****) - "i" Newspaper : "Poignant, warm and very funny. A delight" - (****) "i" Newspaper : " ... skilled story telling. With subtle nuances and astute verbiage" (****) - The Reviews Hub : "Hilarious, completely genuine and down-to-earth" (****) - Broadway Baby : "A playful and joyful hour" - Observer: : "Humility, starry eyes and unpretentious good humour ... a heart warming hour" - Brian Logan, Guardian : "Sends you out uplifted" - Chortle : "Very funny" - The Scotsman : "It's a heck of a tale - someone should turn it into a movie" - Guardian : "extremely engaging and constantly hilarious" (****) - The Wee Review" : "hilarious and emotional... one of the unlikeliest, most uplifting stories you will ever hear" - Guardian :

Simply Wonderful

"Dave Johns is simply wonderful".
Entertainment - weekly magazine

Riveting Restraint

The title character, played by comic actor Dave Johns, in a performance of ingrained decency and riveting restraint, is masterful.
Rolling Stone Magazine


"He has an uncontrived manner and sense of fun on stage that makes what he does seem effortless .... the gags came thick and fast".
The Observer

Stand out

Johns in a stand out performance
The Wrap

Wonderful performance

Johns gives a wonderful performance as Daniel
The Independent


Johns is excellent as Daniel
The Telegraph

Hardest role

Johns pulls off the hardest role for a actor, that of playing a decent guy, one that doesn't put the audience to sleep... he nails it
Empire magazine

Such intensity

Johns' performance resonates with such intensity..... He gives such an impressive turn in the lead role of Daniel
Irish Times

Award-worthy performance

Daniel played by Johns in an award-worthy performance
Kevin Maher, The Times

Honesty and humanity

Johns plays Daniel with honesty and humanity, in a very good unactorly performance
The Guardian

Real find

Johns, best known for stand up comedy, is the real find here. In this his first full length feature Johns gives Daniel much humour and warmth
The skinny


The naturalistic performances are faultless
Total film


Johns in an Oscar-winning performance
Indi film

Powerful performance

Johns in a powerful performance gives Daniel a plucky decency but a lonely anger underneath, that simmers until it needs to explode
Variety magazine


I, Daniel Blake is blessed by exceptional lead performances
Mark Kermode

"I, Fillum Star" Press Quotes from Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Sinply wonderful

"Dave Johns is simply wonderful"
Entertainment - weekly magazine